Experimental Build 2022.20150 posted

For anyone trying out the latest experimental builds, download the shiny new 2022.20150 build with 100s of fixes and improvements.

Release Notes and Download


  • Apple Silicon native builds
  • TDSynchro components for syncing multiple machines and video streams
  • Major Timer CHOP upgrade
  • Bluefish444 SDK upgrade
  • DAT Viewer improvements on recent additions and language syntax features.
  • Dozens of Palette updates
  • Bugs fixed (many, many)

Thank you for all your bug reports and help!

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Hello! I’m having trouble with a bluefish output card. It looks like the most recent version (2023 experimental and 2022 stable) are throwing a “bluefish 4444 driver not supported in this OS” error. The 2020 version im using seems to still work fine. Do you happen to have a fix or any ideas about how to approach this?

What OS are you using @nhodeisland ?