Experimental: VST observations

The new vst stuff is incredible! I’ve noticed with VST windows if you resize the window it doesn’t seem to resize the VST plugin. See screenshot of Kontakt and see where the edge of the vst window is:

Interestingly if I close the window and re-open it opens at the resized size and everything then works fine.

Also if I switch instruments in Kontakt it shows a popup window asking if I want to remove that instrument. If the VST is set to always on top this window opens behind the VST window and can’t be accessed, it also completely hangs TouchDesigner until you make a choice there. Right now the only way to get things back on track is to either disable always on top or make the dialog active via the taskbar and hit enter.

I’ve also noticed that in Kontakt if I try to go into any menus it seems to also trigger TouchDesigner to crash. The screenshot below shows it crashing when I try to save my multi-setup so I can re-call it when relaunching TouchDesigner.


I appreciate that Kontakt is a bit of a monster as a VST as it’s all the instruments in one and it’s very early days here but just reporting what I find for now as I imagine this issue will happen on any vsts that require menus.

Thanks for the report. If you have any dmps from the crashes could you send those? At any rate, I’ll get my hands on the Kontakt vst3 plugin at some point to try and reproduce the issues.

Kontakt player is available for free @ Sampler : Kontakt 6 Player : Free Download | Komplete

I think you can also get Komplete start for free and it will included some Kontakt based instruments

Thanks @Achim. I got it up and running and was able to reproduce each issue. I believe I have a fix for the resizing issue. The other issues I need to look into more.

The problem with the “Save multi as…” issue is that the plugin is trying to create a pop-up file browser window for saving, but that’s either not being created or isn’t visible, and it’s hung waiting for it.

Yeah I think that will be on quite a few VST plugins actually. Weirdly if you add an instrument and remove it theres a popup shown asking if you want to save the instrument which actually works but opens behind the window (if you’re in always on top mode)

Excited about the VST support. I’m on MacBook M1 Max w/Monterey and I can’t get any of my plugins to load. Am able to load them in (e.g.) Audacity but in TD I keep getting ‘Error Failed to load plugin’. I set the File path directly to the .vst3 file. Any ideas? Thanks.

Yeah, unfortunately this is a known issue for Apple Silicon macs right now. We’ll get it going eventually, thanks for your patience.

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Fixed the save menu freezing issue - that fix will be in the next experimental build we release, 2021.39130+. FYI the resizing issue should be fixed in the latest experimental build: 2021.39010.