Expert Sleepers ES-9 eurorack with TD

Has anyone tried using the Expert Sleepers ES-9 [Eurorack module] with Touch yet?

I’m using Audio Device In CHOP and the ES-9 ASIO driver and I can see the signal fine, but the reading is a little glitchy. I get weird quick on/off/on bounces periodically when running a simple trigger into it.

Is there anything I’m missing? Is it the ES-9 driver or something to do with Touch or, most likely, me?

i got a es8,

my eurorack psu is wasted so i cannot check at the moment.
but trying asio4all could help.
also a workaround could be to use expertsleepers silent way vst , now td supports vst, so maybe that works better. i got an es5 and es6, and i think the only way a es5 would work in td is via silentway…