Export a scene with objects and materials

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if it is possibile to export a complete scene so that I can use it in other software.

I tried to make a research but everything bring me to this page of the documentation

Where it doesn’t seems to list any “scene” type.

I would like to export for example multiple objects with shader material. Or maybe PBR material. Even one object only would be enough.

Do you think is possible?

Thank you

I don’t believe this is possible already, but as is true with most things in Touch, could def be built.

I think the path forwards would be to figure out what format you want to export to, or if that format is not open, find out what software you want to export to, and determine what open formats they support for import.

Then, you’d need to write a script that searches your container or network, looks for geo COMP’s, shaders, builds a database of their parameters and inputs, then writes that info out to the format of your choosing.

Def not a simple task, but maybe doable with some time!

As I imagined.

Thanks for your answer.