Export High res video, any tips?

Hi, I have question about exporting video.

I am trying to get a better quality pointcloud video.

sometime It has issues about blinking so I would like to find the better options.

I need to export 8000 * 8000 high res video for commercial video installation,

but somehow, It has some framedropping while recording and playback (rtx 3090)

In this case, Is there any tips for get a proper / high quality without any loss of frame drop?

I’ve tried several ways, but still has some issues about framdroping / blinking issues when I export a video.

Hi @gyuchulm,

are you using the Export Movie Dialog or what is your process for this?
Also to narrow down the issue, what version/build of TouchDesigner are you using?


My questions is just about normal export situation like using “Movie file out”
I am using 16410, 32660 depends types of the projects.
but for this projects, I am using 32660.

I didn’t check the “Export Movie Dialog” before. Is that newly updated componet?

Hi @gyuchulm,

the Export Movie Dialog has been a part of TouchDesigner for a long time (>13 years) and helps with the whole procedure quite a bit.
Recording a movie without frame drops via the Movie File Out TOP can be done in non-realtime by turning off the Realtime flag at the top of the user interface.

hope this helps

when I off the realtime flag, It keeps happens in some kinds of blinking because of the frame drop.

It has no issues with around maximum range of h.264 with another codeec, 4096 * 4096,

just looking for a good way which has not much affected on the hardaware situations.

from a last project, I render around 6000 * 1200 with image sequnce, to make a video, It was a great result, but for this time, is much larger pixel than I work with,

so I just a bit curious about a normal way to get a better result in the particle system.

Running with the real-time flag off should do the trick. No matter how long the frame takes to render and encode, it’ll wait until that is done before moving onto the next one. Does your system take external inputs that are running in real-time?

I have exported many high resolution (13,000x 7000 pixel) cloud dot videos without problems on a macbook pro m1. and previously on a macbook pro 2014. my flow is usually exporting in codec animation, which does not interpolate frames. With that master I then re-encode to prores or Hap according to my needs. What is not recommended, in my experience, is to use codecs such as h264, h265. since they interpolate the frames. Obviously I cannot play these videos fluently, since they are videos that will be played on dedicated video wall systems.