Export Presets & add new parameters to existing system

Two questions regarding the preset system.

Can we export the presets/banks somehow?

How can I add more parameters without losing all my existing presets?


Are you reffering to the TauCeti Preset-System? Or the one in the palette or TD Morph?

Sorry, forgot to mention… I’m referring to the one in the TD palette.

This is really crucial for an application we are building. We have a ton of presets, lots of weeks of work, and we need to expand the current system with new features.
Any advice from the TD team?


Hi @xbix,

this is a bit thrown together but please give it a try. The attached component should make it possible to add parameters to the component referenced by the Preset COMP and update the presets to also contain any new parameters.
To use, reference the preset COMP in the component’s Preset COMP parameter and hit Update

Let me know if this works!

presetUpdater.tox (2.9 KB)

Hi @snaut,
thanks a lot for putting this together!
Unfortunately, it keeps deleting the presets from the database.

If I press update and have not added any new parameters, the presets are not deleted. But when I add new parameters and then press update, all presets are deleted.

Thanks a lot for your help!


Hi @xbix,

could you send me an example component with presets if possible where this doesn’t work? I bet there is an error for a specific configuration that I’m not testing for.