Export problem in audio visual design

I am trying to export my file and for some reason it never works. It always says that the item is either missing or can’t play.

Any suggestions on how I could overcome this problem?

What exactly you try to “export”? Outputing a video (with movie file out), exporting a fbx? Exporting a .tox?
Perhaps a capture can help people willing to help.

I am trying to export the file so that the video plays with the audio as well, only everytime I try this happens.

I continue to not understand, what and how you “export” it, with “export” in File menu?
Normaly I prefer to use movie file out but I just tested it now and it works perfectly.
Which Top? Which Chop? Codec? etc.
Perhaps post somewhere your .toe and your .mov. So we can, perhaps, help you.

Yeah this looks like your playback application (windows default) doesn’t support a codec or setting you are using to output the movie.
If its just for you, VLC is an ideal testing application to watch movies as it support many more formats. If you are distributing it and other need to watch on all sorts of players, then careful selection of codec and formats is required.
Seeing you .toe file or a screenshot of your settings would help here.