export problems -- "file not found"

Hey gang,

Pretty new to TouchDesigner here and am loving it, but have been experiencing a frustrating issue that I couldn’t find any info on.

I was able to get my first few projects to export, but not anymore. Whenever I hit “start,” it goes through the export process, but as soon as it finishes exporting and I hit view, the dialogue box on the top right says “file not found.” The file also fails to appear in the file viewing browser.

I’m using the File -> Export Movie dialogue, and I’ve attached a screenshot of all the settings I’m using.

Troubleshooting I’ve attempted so far:

  • changing many of the settings (lowering the resolution, and shifting between each individual kind of codec)
  • changing the file folder destination
  • restarting TD and my PC

I also tried the other method of exporting – the movieout TOP – but don’t quite understand how to get that to work, either.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Update: took me forever but I figured it out. My audio CHOP wasn’t time sliced.

I’m running into a similar issue, but without audio in my export. I’m not really sure how to implement time slicing in my export if that is indeed the solution for me.