export project to web

Hello world!

I need help with export project to web interactive animation with mouse detection. I search everywhere and don’t find answer at my question. I wanna do something like that

I know how do interactive animation, I need to know only how it export. The best solution is export to javascript if its possible.


it’s not possible in TD to export your project to a web application.

try this


Ohhh…That’s too bad.
It’s hard for me to believe that.

I am also looking for a solution for this. I created a visual in TD that is controlled by mouse position and I would like to create the same experience for a web exhibition. I thought that since TD is written in Python, there could be a way I can get the Python code and use it with Javascript?

TD is not written in Python, it’s written in C++. The optional scripting that you’ve maybe added yourself to your projects can be in Python, yes. But as said above, there is no export to web option in TD, not even if you would really like it if there was :wink:

Try the opensource game engine godotengine.org/ which can deploy to web.

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Have a look at cables.gl

Or Unity does.

Alternatively, you could use something like RTSP to stream to a website, then use Node.js to transmit the mouse positions back to a touchdesigner computer. You would need new instance of the visual for each person using the web page, but this is a way to do it!

Good luck

Anyone still interested in this should consider the WebRTC implementation now built in to TD.