Export Table DAT update, use and more?

Hi there,

Every CHOP exporting got that Table DAT.

First question: when I export to a parameter, for exploring purposes and when I decide to stop to export for this parameter (I change the parameter mode from export to constant, the table doesn’t update. I don’t know what I miss for that. I guess it keeps trace of the previous export (as I noticed when I click back on export on the parameter, it directly turns back to the previously done export)

Second question: can we have more information in that Table DAT ?
I mean (and it is related to this thread) could we gather :

  • the name of the channel (this is in already)
  • the absolute path of the node containing the parameter to which we export
  • the parameter’s name
  • max min of the parameter if makes sense


Actually, the underlying idea would be to be able to have this informations somewhere, and to click somewhere and go to the node directly, to check min/max values for instance. Especially, to check all node path and parameter to which a CHOP is exporting.