Export to mp4 via movie file out top?

Is it possible to export to mp4 via the moviefileout top?
No matter what codec I select (even with h.264) I can only export to mov and I don’t see any option to export to mp4?
On the wiki it says you can export to mp4 TouchDesigner Documentation - Movie File Out TOP.
Do I have to change any setting? Do I have to install a codec (I’m on Win 10)?

If I am not completely mistaken you can just rename the file to mp4. Quicktime is just a container and doesn’t say much about the codec used. Note however, that the h.264 and h.265 are realtime codecs which will only work when using a fairly recent NVIDIA GPU.

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Yep, that’s correct. You can just change the extension to write to a different container format. Note that .mp4 doesn’t support MP3 audio though, so you can’t write out MP3 audio to that file if you need a .mp4 container.