Export to mp4 via movie file out top?

Is it possible to export to mp4 via the moviefileout top?
No matter what codec I select (even with h.264) I can only export to mov and I don’t see any option to export to mp4?
On the wiki it says you can export to mp4 TouchDesigner Documentation - Movie File Out TOP.
Do I have to change any setting? Do I have to install a codec (I’m on Win 10)?

If I am not completely mistaken you can just rename the file to mp4. Quicktime is just a container and doesn’t say much about the codec used. Note however, that the h.264 and h.265 are realtime codecs which will only work when using a fairly recent NVIDIA GPU.

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Yep, that’s correct. You can just change the extension to write to a different container format. Note that .mp4 doesn’t support MP3 audio though, so you can’t write out MP3 audio to that file if you need a .mp4 container.

Hi Malcolm, thanks this is helpful for my current project. But is there a way to have it record directly to a .mp4 without a manual filename change afterwards? When i change the extension in the moviefileout top to test.mp4 the files are unreadable, zero kb in filesize. I’m just trying to eliminate as many manual processes as possible and have it natively result in .mp4 files.