Export Video with Transparency?

Hey all!

First post here and it’s an incredibly newbie question.

I’m trying to export a video with a transparent background. It’s essentially a static PNG logo that I glitched out/very slightly animated. Size is 1280x498. End of the chain is:

fit TOP → channelmix TOP - > movieOut TOP

No matter what I try (different channel mix settings, different output formats, different output codecs) I still get the black background on the rendered video.

I’ve searched quite a few topics around here/watched a ton of youtube videos but I think that I’m SUCH a newbie (I’m a composer/audio guy) that I’m missing some fairly obvious steps.

I’m using the free version of TouchDesigner as I’m not selling anything/just trying to get a feel for things. Windows 10/AMD 5800x/RTX 3060 ti.

Thanks so much!!

Only a few formats support alpha, and you often need to select the alpha pixel format from the Movie Pixel Format menu.
Also, depending on how you are viewing the image, a black background doesn’t mean there isn’t alpha that is also 0. The TOPs can either always have a black background or a checkboard background, depending on your preference settings.

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Thank you for the reply!

I do have the “checkerboard” option selected in TOP preferences.

I’ve been trying various formats with the alpha pixel format selected, as well.

Maybe I’m missing something in the channelmix TOP settings?

TD ChanMix 01

Sorry about that! Wasn’t aware of the one embedded image per post for new users. Here’s the chanmix common page:

TD ChanMix Common 01

I’m not 100% sure what your goal with the Channel Mix is, but to adjust the Alpha consider the Level TOP or the Reorder TOP.

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Ah, ok! And hah, yeah I saw some alpha matte/masking tutorial deal on youtube and went down quite a rabbit hole :smiling_face:

Ahhhh ok! Malcolm you were right, indeed!

When previewing the video file in windows explorer the background was still black. I was expecting it to be checkerboarded like PNG image files were. Dropping it into Resolve and putting a solid background behind it revealed the transparency to be working all along! Classic overthinking on my part :grin:

Thanks again for the help!

New question!

Using Squarespace for my website, and it only accepts jpg/gif/png for image files.

Any way to create a gif in TD that has a transparent background?

If your website accept PNG, you can use moviefileout TOP :
– Type : image
– Image File Type : PNG
And you obtain an image with transparency

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It does indeed accept PNG! I was just hoping for a way to use an animated GIF with transparency instead of a static image or a video that has to be manually clicked.

I’m kind of stumped about how to convert an animated .mov file with transparency to a gif with the same transparency.

You can make a PNG sequence and then use Photoshop to translate it to animated GIF

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Ah, ok! My newbie-ness is showing once again here, hah! I’m unsure how to address this error when recording the image sequence:

Warning: Image Sequence Type requires me.fileSuffix at the end of the File Parameter expression. (/project1/moviefileout1)

If you return to default, you have a python line making all the staff for you!
‘TDMovieOut’ + me.fileSuffix
and then it works. Just be careful to do it inside a folder (by default the .toe folder)

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Awesome, thank you so much!!

You can also use FFmpeg or ImageMagick to make the animated Gif from PNG sequence (command line)

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