Exporting geometry from Touch Designer to Houdini or other 3D softwares


I’m super new to TD and would like to find out how I could export the geometry i’ve created, into Houdini.

Here’s what i’ve found and understood so far:

  1. I should be able to right click and save geometry as .geo or .bgeo - however, the only option is to “save component as .tox”. I’ve tried to find ways to convert that into .geo/.bgeo/obj/anything but i just cant.

  2. There was this (custom .OBJ exporter), about running a script after to save as .obj, but after downlaoding the file, i have no idea how to run it.

  3. I’ve managed to export the form from CHOP to SOP but that just gave me a wireframe of the paused geometry and not at all the colour and the details on the geometry I see.

I would really like to just export the geometry as it looks in the viewer, as a 3d object into Maya or Houdini or Rhino or Grasshopper or C4d or Blender basically any 3D software, i’m not too fussed.

I’ve really tried, please help. Here is the file if you’d like to check it out.- oops, ‘new users arent allowed to upload files’

You have to right click > export on a SOP


Have never been able to export OBJ either.
Right clicking the SOP and choosing “Save Geometry” ends up with a .tog file…

As for the OBJ exporter you mentioned, you can plug a SOP in and click “save geometry”. Works well for me. But never tried with complex SOPs though

Thanks for your reply!

However, I am trying to export my geometry (picture 1 with the colours), and when I right click on it, it only shows “save component .tox” (picture 2).
I tried converting the CHOP to SOP and exporting the Chopto and that gives me the option to save geometry as .bhclassic and .fbx but it only exports the wire frame of the geometry created. (picture 3)


sorry I’m really new, I have no idea where i’d plug in a SOP for that or how to run the script after but thank you though!


Note : it only works for SOPs, not complete Geo with instances

  • drag and drop the OBJ Exporter .tox into TD : you now see the component
  • on the left you have a blue input where you can connect a SOP
  • make the OBJ Exporter active (little cross on the bottom right of the OBJ Exporter component so you can manipulate the buttons inside the component
  • enter a name (first line)
  • click on “save geometry”

where is the model saved cant find it after


I would like to export a metaball geometry i’ve created in obj or any other type of 3d extension…
I have tried with the obj exporter, which works really well with simpler geometries, but doesn’t work with metaballs…

Any help would be much appreciated , thank you.