Exporting looks Blury / How to Customize Export for HD Youtube


anyone has an Idea how which customizing of the MovieFileOut has to be set to get a more clear vid ?


In comparison to the exported file on my PC the YT vid is very blurry. I Here are the suggestions from YT itself: YouTube recommended upload encoding settings - YouTube Help
here are my settings for the uploaded vid
Resolution: 1920x1080
Framerate: 30 FPS

thanks for any advice

Looks like all your settings follow Youtube recommendations. You could change Entropy Mode parameter to CABAC in case the auto-select isn’t selecting it automatically. If it looks good before uploading, it’s the Youtube compression messing with it.

One tip I have heard from some artists is that if you upload your videos at 1440p or higher, then Youtube sends it through with higher quality encoder settings, the results often look much better even when viewing the final at 1080p.
I know rendering at 1440p isn’t always possible but might be worth a try to see if you can notice the difference.