Exporting multiple audio fils as one movie?

Hello dear TD community.

I want to export my project as a movie, I know how to export a project using a movie file out TOP and dragging the relevant null of the audio file out to the audio chop section in the movie file out.

BUT what if my project uses several audio files, that I play differently inside the project, using buttons and etc. How do I export this kind of a project into a movie?

For further explanation - I have a DAT table with my audio sounds that “tells” the audio file in which file to use each time, and I change them with a slider. I have several sliders and audio files in CHOPs.

I hope I was understood.

Thank you in advance!

You need to either record multi-channel audio your movie if that is desired (experimental 2019.37030 series support multiple channel audio recording) or you need to do a mix-down into 2 channels to output. You can use a Math CHOP and add the channels together and then put it through a Audio Dynamics CHOP to use its Compressor/Limiter functions.