Exporting Multiple Audios using Audio File Out

Dear all,

I want to export the audio file that I made in TD. However, I have three audio outputs that have been transitioning using mouse movement. I want to record the final transitioning audio but the CHOP Audio File Out seems like it can only connect to one audio output and not three at the same time.

Is there a way that I can record something like the transtion audio files from TD?

Thank you.

Hi @karen0317,

if the audio from the different branches is suppose to play through the same speakers (for simplicity let’s say a stereo signal with 2 channels) then you would have to “mix” the channels via for example a Math CHOP selecting the Add method from the “Combine CHOPs” parameter.

On the other hand, if the channels from each branch stand for separate outputs (multichannel output) then you would have to use a Merge CHOP to bring all channels into a single CHOP.

Hope this helps

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Hello Markus,

Yes! I think the merge function is what I was looking for! So I can make all of the audio outputs into one CHOP and record with the Audio File Out!

Thank you so much!