Expose SOP parameters in Geo COMP when Instancing


There doesn’t seem to be a way to achieve that (or is there ?) so i am asking :

When using instancing in a Geo COMP, we can manipulate size, color, position… etc of each instances from the instance tabs.

What if i am using a procedural mesh ? like a circle SOP : if i would like each instance to have a different style (closed shape, open shape with different angles). Or imagine a L-System i need to instance and render multiple types of L-System, each with different parameters…

It would be great to expose more instanced SOP parameters so we can set them on each instance. Like in Object Programming, where we can generate multiple instances of an object and tweak attributes / members of their class.


That won’t be possible. The GeoCOMP basically send all the information of the sops to the GPU, combined with a set of instructions how do draw it. With instancing, you just redraw the 3D-Data, taken from the SOP, with a bigger set on instructions. That is why Instancing is so fast.
Where editing SOPs happens on the CPU and is pretty slow. The data created then once gets send to the GPU.
You can try to use the CopySOP to get a similiar effect like instancing. But it will be pretty slow compared to to instancing.