Expression chop not working for more than 1 sample?

I’m using an animation component (set to Output Full Range) with rgba channnels to adjust the “color curves” of a texture using a lookup Top. I wanted to be able to adjust the colors using HSV color space so I fed an animation component (2048 samples long) with HSV channels into a HSV to RGB component I built that uses an expression chop to convert the color spaces. Normally this component works fine when converting single samples but feeding the 2048 samples long chop into it, didn’t work. Is the expression only able to process one sample at a time?

Also I noticed that the wiki stated that lookup Top can now handle up to 2048 samples. Why not 65535 samples (16bit)? I guess the only way to a do full 16bit lookup would be to use glsl TOP using a Texture Buffur Array?