Extending an Operator

Hello everyone,
I would like to know if it is possible to extend an opearator.

In particular I would like to extend the Joystick CHOP.

I have a DualShock4 and I was able to connect it but I would also like to get the acellerometer’s values that are not present by default in the operator.

Where can I find the class and see how it is develop? How can I create a new class and use it modified.

Is it something possible?

Thanks a lot

For something like this you would need to create it from scratch by creating a Custom Operator. There is no way to take the existing functionality and just add a little bit on top of that. You can find examples on how to make Custom Operator in our wiki and some sample projects in our installation folder.

Hello malcolm,
thanks for your answer.

Ok, but if I cannot see the code I think it would be impossible to make it.

I am trying to send the data signal from the joytstick via UDP to TouchDesigner.

With other softwares I can see the data on the port I set for the joystick but not on TD. The channel is always blank.

Do you have any recommendation?

Thanks a lot

Can you elaborate? What app is sending the data over UDP? You should be able to see data coming in via the UDP In DAT if someone is sending to the correct port

Yes, sorry.

I am using a DualShock4 on Windows, so I am using DS4Windows to emulate the XBOX controller.

This software can also send UDP signal to a specific port.

I can easily get the data with MAX MSP or others like PadTest. But no signal on TD.

I tried both with a DAT UDP In and a CHOP OSC In.

Thank you