Extract specific frequency from audio and draw a sine wave

Hey there,

just wanted to share another acoustic tool in case someone needed it. Basically, what the python script and the TD project as such does is taking a defined frequency from a complex (i.e. composite sine waves) CHOP signal and drawing the frequency as a sine wave with the appropriate amplitude (that is also extracted from the signal).

The whole thing is done with FFT/audio spectrum CHOP and some python script. By default the code takes the frequency with maximum amplitude and draws it, i.e. it basically tells you what the loudest frequency right now is. But you can change this so the script picks up a different frequency instead (lowest? local and not global maximum? or just the same frequency, hence showing its amplitude progression?).

As I’ve said, this is a tool, not a final product. Feel free to use it to pursue your projects. Hope it helps.

Sine waves.toe (57.8 KB)