Extract Tags from External TOX files

I am re-writing a tox playback system with Engine COMPs that utilizes tags on individual scenes to determine which should be paired with which for a more aesthetically pleasing experience.

It would be stellar to be able to extract tags (as well as other useful metadata) from external toxes with something such as the Folder DAT on the ‘Columns’ page.


+1 would love some meta data that’s attached to those TOX files - and TOE files while we’re at it.

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+1 and slight threadjack, metadata that the OS could read natively would be great. Figuring out what build a project was original authored in, last saved in, or a way for us to write custom metadata would be really great.

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maybe something like a metadataDAT to monitor a specific file and have a callback when that file changes?

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I guess most of these RFE’s could be solved with the ongoing development on the new tox and toe file format that will work with Git, also mentioned here

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I’ve added the metadata idea to our feature request list. I’ve only looked into the coding side briefly so I’m not entirely sure what’s involved, but it might be something we can do sooner than later.

The new git-friendly file format we’re working on should also work since it will be readable outside of touchdesigner and will be readable without having to open the files completely. However, that project still has a ways to go so I’m not sure what the timeline will be.

The metadata idea would still be useful on the new files when they are using compression or encryption.