Extreme GPU use in latest experimental build

When starting up version 2023.11170 my GPU immediately jumps to around 95%. It can only be fixed by turning off the cooking master switch or closing the program. I am running windows 11 and have a 4070ti. Is anyone else experiencing a similar behaviour?

Is this in an empty project? If not, you can share the toe file here and we can test, or send to support@derivative.ca if it’s private.

It’s completely empty yes. It doesn’t seem to impact performance though as i’m working in it. My GPU fans are just blowing like crazy.

Interesting. Will report to devs


Hi @bramb09, does this behave any differently than the current Official Build 2022.35280?

Here i started the official build on the left of the graph and then switched to the new version in the dip. As you can see there’s not much difference in task manager. But what is annoying is that on the experimental build my PC’s fans blow really loudly and with the official build they don’t.

Can you confirm that your GPU drivers are fully up to date ?

Is it a prebuilt PC? a laptop? It seems you have 2 GPUs from your screenshot.

What brand ?

Can you check for bloatware? You can get some help using the following software: https://www.bcuninstaller.com/


The GPU usage problem seems to be fixed now there was a studio driver update in the meanwhile i believe. However i am still experiencing the crazy fan speeds. I built the PC myself and the second GPU you can see is just the integrated graphics on my CPU. I’m sure i don’t have any bloatware since i only have the PC for a few months and i haven’t done that much on it other than TD and basic work stuff. I checked using the program you provided anyway btw.

I accidentally stumbled upon something that may be causing the fans to go crazy: the second (literally) i click the TD application the CPU (AMD Ryzen 7 7700X) temperature measurement shoots up to ± 85 degrees celcius. I assume the CPU then temp throttles itself and puts the fans on max speed. Then when i close it it drops in a few seconds back down to around 45 degrees.

I’m seeing a similar issue with the latest experimental build (2023.11170).

I can see spiked load in a few threads with an empty project:

I’ve highlighted in red the approximate time when TD was started and green when it finished loading.

It prevails even with cooking disabled at the project level.

Windows 10 22H2
AMD Ryzen 5950x
x570 Chipset
RTX 4090, Studio Driver v546.01

If its a laptop it usually comes preinstalled with bloatware, unless you reinstalled Windows when you first received it which is recommended for all laptops imo.

Just in case someone asks, I keep my workhorse tidy, nothing but the bare essential drivers and software. This build turns my CPU cooler into a leaf blower.

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Could confirm high CPU usage on 11170, also confirmed this is fixed in 2023.11220. Windows11

Let us know if you still have problems.