Extremely large images

I am having issues getting stupidly large images to load into touch.

The images I am trying to get working are 956 × 74525px
I know, it’s ridiculous.

This is not something I would normally expect to work in any situation. However Apple Preview and windows image viewer don’t seem to have any issues opening it.

When dropped into touch, it shows a completely blank TOP with no pixel values. It does however show the correct resolution in the TOP info window.

This is also not working with TIFF’s

I would prefer not to have to cut these up further for the project, I have many thousands of images within the same resolution range.

Not sure this is even doable but willing to try anything.


Pascal GPUs can do 32Kx32K on as far as texture size goes. So that’s the limit right now. Not sure if Volta GPUs went higher, but I doubt they’d be above 64K if they did.