Extrude properly a box with thick edges

Hi, I need to create inside touchdesigner something like what you see in the picture, the textures don’t matter. Basically to take a box SOP, and then keeping a thick edge, extrude the central part so that it ends up like what you see in the photo (textures don’t matter), with a thick edge. But I cannot manage, I tried to combine extrude SOP with box SOP but to no avail, any tips, examples, toe around that does it? thank you :slight_smile:

I can have something like this:
boxextrude1.13.toe (6.5 KB)

based on an example I found in your forums, it gets close but:

  • I suspect is too complex the network, probably can be done in a simpler way
  • I cannot manage to make the interior deeper, I can extrude towards the outside, but not make deeper the inside hole, which is what I need (like the photo above)

thank you for your help

boxextrudewithshadowv2.33.toe (7.5 KB)

I sort of make it, but im sure there is a better way, but I cannot manage to project soft shadows from particles onto sides of box consistently and properly, when I rotate the elements the shadows behave really strangely