F.LUX like color adjuments


Would anyone know if there is a way to create a TOP filter which allows adjusting a texture like https://justgetflux.com/ does to alleviate blue light?

Even the correct keywords would be a good start. I am not sure what https://justgetflux.com/ does to the screen. The documentation is scarce.

Thanks for any hints.

Tools like f.lux will lower the color temperature (set a new white point) of your display so it signals a biological process that the day is ending. One way to accomplish this is to find a white-point correction formula (planckian) what will work in the sRGB color space that you can easily implement in a fragment shader. The operation is really just multiplying the input color with a new white point that is derived from, say, a uniform float specifying the color temerature in °K.

Oops accidentally deleted my first reply…

I posted a component for this a while back. The trick is to linearize your TOP color before passing through TMI land then re-applying your tone curve after making adjustments. The Math TOP works well for this if all your color is sRGB and the OCIO Top if you’re doing something more complicated.

EDIT: also it can help to switch your pixel format to a floating point format in order to avoid clipping.