Face\position tracking uv space Kinect

1.Seems like “image space position” space, is mirror (on x axis) to “face tracking” space.
2.its not clear where the UV space origin from ?

3.if anyone can place simple example of alignment it will be great .
face_position_tracking_uv.1.toe (6.14 KB)

I played around with your patch and got the eyes and mouth to line up with the Kinect TOP image… also threw in some mouth Open/Close tracking. Although I didn’t directly address your questions, nor do I claim my methods to be the most efficient, perhaps it will be helpful.

Here’s a video clip of it on my machine instagram.com/p/yjhIDbj_vt/

[I also tried to project back on to my face in real-time but had less luck. It’s very hard to calibrate on yourself, holding a mirror in one hand, mouse in the other, being blinded by the projection.]
face_position_tracking_uv.6.toe (7.19 KB)

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Good experiment,
its seem the UV mapped on 32:27

Hello I love what you did with tracking the face and mouth. I am wondering if you could do the same thing with movie file in tops? Any information would be great thanks

hello touchdesigner people :]
does anyone know how to match this face tracking but not with color camera but depth map or player index camera??
is it possible? (depth and color cameras are not in the same alligment so there is always some displacement) :frowning: Im stuck in trying to solve this problem… tried comp camera small correction, resolution, z position etc.
I would be really happy if someone could share solution for this!

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