FaceTrack - files not downloading

Hello, I followed directions as described here Face Track CHOP | Derivative, but I cannot even download these three:


I click on download and I get a page with code only. Any ideas why this is happening? thank you

They are text / json files,

You can just right click → Save As from your browser and save them at the expected location.


oops, right! thanks so much

now, here is what I have downloaded, but on the tutorial I see one more file: output-face.model0-nvf, which I do not have. I’m trying to Run the conversion tool to generate the nvf file and it won’t work. it says command not found. (I excluded ‘path/’ but still wont work)

I work on MacBook pro and Ventura 13.0.1

Hey @Labi

The FaceTrack CHOP is not supported on MacOS, from TouchDesigner Documentation - Face Track CHOP

Note: This operator uses the Augmented Reality (AR) SDK of the Nvidia Maxine system and requires Windows and an Nvidia RTX card to operate.