fading texts

Hello all,

I have a question about how to fading in and out texts.

There is a text data with 15 rows and I make script to random sselect from row 1 to row 15 and display it, but then random select text from text data , it is snap from one row to antoher, which snap off tex from display to next text, is there a way I can make this slection with fading time?

Thank you

There is an example of fading between text strings in Help -> OP Snippets -> Timer CHOP. The example is called “timers overlapping”.

You would prepare a DAT containing the phrases, arranged randomly in rows of the DAT. You would create a column for “length”. (And then you can use the Sort DAT to randomize the rows.)

But then you need to create a column called “begin” with which allows for the crossfading of the rows. You need to create a Script DAT that fills in the “begin” column. (Sorry this is not automatic. You can get a clue in the Snippet Timer CHOP example “movie sequencer” in moviePlaylist/movies/script1 that created a column of begin times.)

Then feed the table into “timers overlapping” snippet’s component to watch the cross-fading.