Failed to initialize Vulkan Device

Hello Everyone,
Its been a while I am working with TD, I have installed 2021 versions and it worked perfectly, but when I install 2022 versions it says I need to update my graphics card, I have done that
my system is Lenovo, W540 2016 with Intel UHD and NVIDIA quadro K1100M, I have also changed the bios settings to run from my high performance VGA and changed the 3D settings to run the TD from NVIDIA but non of the works,
I could not install the vulkan latest version on my computer it says it does not detect the hardware, only driver the latest version is from 2019 on the website and only from lenovo website
would please help me with this issue

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I’m also struggling with this error! I used Touch Designer in 2021 and it was working fine. I downloaded the newest version of TD and this error popped up. I updated my computer to Windows 11 and still no dice. I have a Dell Inspiron, intel UHD graphics 620.
Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

update: I doubled checked my graphics driver and there are no updates for it. Vulcan on my computer is still running on 1.1. Through my research, I think that I found that the timeline semaphore extension came along with vulkan 1.2 (from a kronos blog post)

Near the bottom of the article it says:
To help facilitate this switch while acknowledging the need to support older Vulkan implementations in the field, an implementation of the timeline semaphore API as a Vulkan 1.1 layer has also been provided under the permissive Apache 2.0 license as part of the Vulkan-ExtensionLayer

The Vulkan Extension Layer:

I have basically no technical computer knowledge so I don’t know if this is a valid way to make TD work, but if I am on to something please let me know. I tried to add this layer but wasn’t able to.

Are there people running the latest TouchDesigner on Vulcan 1.1?
Do you perhaps need Vulcan 1.2 bc that timeline semaphore extension comes with that natively?
Do I just need to get a newer computer?

I would love to hear some thoughts and keep in mind, I am very dumb when it comes to these things haha this is just a night of me digging up as much knowledge on this error as I could.

If this does not work, I might try and go back to the older opengl version.
Many thanks!