Fatal Vulkan error when texture instancing

I’m having an issue when I try to do any kind of texture instancing - I have no issues while touch runs, but if I save the file and try to reopen I get a fatal vulkan device error suggesting I install the latest drivers. The error persists after updating drivers. I get no errors and normal functionality if I save the project at a level outside or inside of wherever I’m instancing textures.

windows 10.0.19045
touchdesigner 2023.11340
nvidia 1050ti
intel i5

Can you please make sure that you are using the latest version of TouchDesigner, 2023.11600.

If the issue persist, do you get a dump file? can you share a project here or to support with steps to reproduce?


Thanks Michel
I updated to 11600 but the issue persists. There are no crash or dmp files getting saved to the project directory either. Could be a hardware issue on my end… project file attached

tex_instance.toe (4.6 KB)

So this attached file is supposed to crash instantly ? Can’t reproduce.

Are you using game or studio drivers ? Can you share the driver version number ?

Let me see if someone on our team can test with similar hardware.


Yes it crashes immediately, but doesn’t crash if it’s inside a base. Using studio drivers 551.61

Hey @Sebby

I cannot reproduce so far but this is logged for a developer to test with different hardware.


Appreciate it - thanks Michel!

Hi Michel - just thought I’d let you know that rolling back my nvidia drivers solved the issue

Hey @Sebby, can you tell me what version you are running that fixes the issue? That’ll help me get nvidia to fix it.

Hi Malcolm - I think it was either a driver installation error or corruption on my end. I ended up doing multiple clean driver installations and a pc reset and after updating everything to the latest versions, everything works as expected again! Appreciate the follow up!


Hey Sebby,

I’m able to reproduce the issue on my side, so it’s nothing wrong with your system or your installation. Can you tell me what driver you currently have installed where things are working fine?

Oh! Interesting - 551.86 and 551.61 caused the bug for me but reverting to 517.40 did not. Didn’t get a chance to test anything in between. I did several clean installations of the above drivers and after continuing to experience the issue I updated to windows 11 and did non-clean installation of the latest driver and haven’t experienced the issue since.

Looks like this doesn’t occur in the 522 drivers, but occurs in the 529 and later drivers. I’ve reported this issue to Nvidia for further investigation.

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thanks malcolm!