FBX animations with different figures


I have a FBX file with a dance animation and I have a FBX with a rigged figure.

Is there a way to combine the animation with the figure?

If I move the animation (Import Select CHOP) and it’s chops into the figure FBX it says “Invalid animation name” and I cannot find the way to solve it.

Any help or tips will be appreciated.



Import Select OPs will by default look for the asset in the first import parent (ie. USD/FBX COMP) in their network path. So by copying it into the other FBX COMP it is searching for the animation in the wrong place.

You can override to select from a specific USD/FBX COMP via the Import Parent parameter, which in your case would be the FBX COMP with the dance animation.


It worked!
Now I have my work to rename each part of the body to match animation’s but I’ll work it out.

Thanks again