Fbx Chop to sop

Hello I’m making an attempt to make a fbx into a geo so i can use it as a bounding box for my nvidia flex solver, has anyone got a solution to my issue.

NvidiaFlexSolverTest.toe (5.1 KB)

There’s a toggle on the FBX COMP, “Generate Actor COMPs”, that when enabled will generate actor COMPs instead of geo COMPs for each geometry in the FBX file. These can then be used in Bullet/Flex.

After enabling the toggle you’ll also need to reimport to regenerate the network.

muchas gracias senior

Did you get this working? I’m doing the same thing but I have no idea how to link the fbx to the flex bounding box.

Are you looking to make the bounds of the Flex simulation equal to the bounds of the FBX COMP?

If so, the easiest approach I can think of would be to compute the bounds in the onImport callback, then to use the results to set the parameters of a Box SOP, which is then used as the bounds of the Flex simulation. It might look something like this:

def onImport(comp, allOps, newOps):
    bounds = comp.computeBounds()
    box = op('box1')
    box.par.sizex = bounds.size.x
    box.par.sizey = bounds.size.y
    box.par.sizez = bounds.size.z
    box.par.tx = bounds.center.x
    box.par.ty = bounds.center.y
    box.par.tz = bounds.center.z