FBX folding after attaching mocap chop data

Hey Everyone I have a question about rigged FBX models. Some FBX models work (rig correctly) and others get folded after attaching the chop with the mocap. Examples posted below. Some of the models work fine…not sure why this happens

I made a Perception neuron mocap auto-rigger and I use an IN CHOP on the FBX to the animation…I have an odd result, I managed to get this stretched monstrosity that appears to be working, removing the t[xyz] results in the flipped hips.

Some of these FBXs are from mixamo others are custom cant seem to figure out what leads to this? the rig on the website seems fine and fine when it runs off the animation but after the bind, it gets folded

*I have heard from @richardBurns notch has a similar issue but they have a checkbox in the software that fixes the flipping hip


axis neuron chop example