Feature for using Parent or Global Shortcuts when using drag-n-drop references (instead of parent(#))

It would be nice to have the option to select if we want to use Parent or Global Shortcuts when we drag-n-drop references. A logic like this: Check if Parent or Global Shortcut is set (from the operator that you are dragging the parameter from), if they are, use one of them (the user selects which), if they are not, use parent(#).etc. Sometimes, when the network has a lot of levels of depth and you move operators here and there (so all parent(#) connections break), it would be nice to have this option feature.


Lovely feature request +1

I’d also love for internal parameters to get their shortcut for ipar when they’re being referenced :slight_smile:


Yup! +1 I just experienced this yesterday trying to pass off a project to someone and they tried to drag and drop some references since they don’t know my project and don’t know all the op shortcuts setup, and the default did some really long parent(3).op(‘x/y/z/a/b/c’) type path even though there was a global op shortcuts to ‘b’ in that case.

I’d also add a small feature to this would be to have somewhere in the Preferences the ability to set default behaviour when you reference a CHOP channel through drag and drop. Right now it defaults to channel name, but in a lot of quick networks and examples, it’d be better to have it based on channel index.

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