It would be super great if you people would implement some kind of feature tracker like the one from github, instead of the RFE Forum. This way we as a community might have a better understanding of what was asked, what is currently worked and so on. (https://github.com/directus/app/projects/45)
I often hear about “the list” from members of the Team, and sometimes you are incredible fast with reacting to RFEs and Bug reports, but on the other hand mor often RFEs will get no answer, no response and just vanish.
In a way, the feature tracker might bring in some more transparency for us, the community, to get a better understanding of what exactly is happening at derivative and what might come after the vulcan errupts. It is kind of frustrating that sometimes feature requests are only recognized by being of a brand or company.

I’m well aware that TouchDesigner is not an open source product and you do not need to expose any of the inner workings, but this RFE also stems from several conversations and discussion I had with members of the community from differrent fields, and sometimes we feel a little bit left in the dark, and would just like to know what to bet for and what to expect in the close and far future.


A by product of a more public facing list (potentially) is the ability for the community to add their +1’s as a measurable metric. Being able to see at a glance how things stack up both in priorities at Derivitave, and popularity among the community would be really neat :slight_smile:

Also - +1 to learning more about what Vulcan is leading us towards, in terms of TouchDesigner’s future, features, tech etc.

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