Feedback loop problem

Hello everyone, I have a very beginner issue. Something is wrong with the feedback loop. My intention is to cut parts of the image with the Chops, then use HSV adjust to process it and the paste it on top of the original image, as you see in the first picture bellow. But when I run the system something happens and I get the result in the second picture.

It is important to note that the parts I’m processing need to be added to the original image, so when I cut a new part from it, I want to have the processed parts too (the blue parts). So this effect of the 2nd image happens little by little as this processed parts overlay and not at once. (So putting the MovieFileIn as input to the Crop Top is the solution, as it will make the image blue, because it gets only the original picture and not the combination with the processed parts)

Can someone explain or tell me how to fix that? Thank you.

Ps. I fugered out a solution but not sure if it is a ‘good’ way to do it, if anyone has any better way, please let me know

So the feedback loop run for every frame, but I want to run every time the new cropped part is generated. So with a Switch, a Pulse and a Null, I let the feedback run on the null all the time except momentarily (with the help of Pulse op) the frame that a new cropped part is generated. So only at that moment it processes that part only once (and not in every frame as in the 2nd image) .