Feedback TOP clamp values 0 to 1 depending resolution and while navigating network

Hi TDers,

Hope you’r all doing good,

I think I’m facing a bug with the feedback top (TD commercial 2021.16410, all drivers up to date, AMD ryzen 9 5900HX, rtx 3080 laptop gpu), I’d love any advice about it, maybe I’m doing something wrong :

With some precise resolutions my feedback loop is clamping value from 0 to 1. All operators are 32bit rgba.

And the issue stop when I change the feedback TOP resolution settings to some arbitrary value.

I navigate out of my container it clamp all values in feedback loop, but if I’m inside the container it works fine…

The problem disappear if a set up dual pane layout, with the child and parent container open.

Thanks for your thougths !

Tom Z