File browser into component

Hi, my project uses a folder parameter called Mediaroot. I found the Parameter COMP so that I can provide the field and the ‘+’ for users to select the folder. How do I control the font size/color/etc. of this presentation? The only thing I found was the ‘oversize’ parameter on the Parameter COMP, but I need things to go /bigger/ than stock.

You might look at the widgets in the palette - these have all of the same building components that you’d find in the parameter COMP, but allow custom styling.

Additionally, there’s a tool for automatically creating a UI from an op with custom parameters - that might be a tool to use that would help you build a custom styled UI quickly.

D’oh, I was looking for ‘fileBrowser’ and ‘folderBrowser’ in the Palette, instead they’re at fieldFileBrowser and fieldFolderBrowser. Those should do the trick, thanks!