file in to dome projection help

Hello, so I’m trying to get a 2d image through to 360 dome using projection top.

This is a good example of how touch designer wiki is really explained in the most impossible way for beginners.
it would be so easy to get a file example but no. Even the picture doesn’t help that much

I try to follow this … ection_TOP

If I understand well, you get movie file in, connect it to cube map, then to projection top in order to get that deformation with switching few parameters, if only it was that easy!

First; I get this warning message saying the image must be square resolution in cube map.
the image is 256 x256 and cannot be more square.

Second; In explanations and image they show and speak about SOP render that I have never encountered in any menu. where do you find it??( is it a normal render with an in and out in it?)

Third; In cube map I switch to cross, and next nod is projection one, with param set as input cube map and output as fisheye 360. and i end up with the deformation I am after but that butterfly has now squared, jagged wings.

What am I missing?

sorry if stupid question but nothing is straight forward in this learning curve, that is not even a curve but a wall I am facing.

Hey man. I’ve seen some complaints from you lately here. Maybe next time, it’s a good idea to take a 5min break walking in the park outside if you’re frustrated with your TouchDesigner level, before you come complaining with negativity on the forum that the community does it wrong and the wiki is stupid.

There are so many TouchDesigner tutorials online and I have the feeling you have not followed many so far - but looking at your questions on the forum so far you want to start immediately with creating a big complicated kinect/dome 360 VJ-show, and then come complaining on the forum that that’s not immediately possible with your current level of understanding.

TouchDesigner is not a software package for beginners where in 2 clicks a full show is ready - so you have to learn - A LOT- first, and program everything yourself block by block.

Maybe - as said before to you by others - you should really start with going through all the beginner tutorials like everyone else, and set your immediate goals a bit lower so you keep the fun in your work - and on the forum.

For a relaxed learning curve which you are looking for as you say, maybe you should start with these beginners tutorials, have some fun, and see it working immediately?
the 5 minutes tutorials: … _5_Minutes

then go here … hdesigner/

and see the rest here … :Tutorials

Sorry then, But would be cool for you to take it easy too. No sens of humour I see.
Thank you for suggestions about the tutorials, I walk my dog 3 times a day.
I did many of these tutorials, but saw none about kinect.
I’m about 4 month in touch designer, slow learner perhaps, but here all I’m trying to do here today is, apply deformation to a video as instructed in page (connecting 3 nods) and I’m just asking why its deformation wrong . and if someone had same problem.
exclamation mark says picture is not square, how do I fix that? its 256x256
Perfect question for beginners forum section I thought.

I admit being bit frustrated after Trying vvvv getting kinect to work (usb3 must be renesa or so, confusion between drivers 64 32…took 2 month to get it to work) then I find touch designer to work with windows drivers finally.
After all that process I can’t really find clear info on how to work kinect.

But that is something different from dome projection, separate project than kinect.
its only after Paying for a course that i finally found proper explanation on the kinect.

I also never realized that touch designer was so young software until few posts ago.

So sorry if I hurt your feelings with my question.
I will try to say only nice things from now on.

I would still like an answer if someone has, the plan is quite simple with one projector and a dome and it would be cool to get it to work. thx

I get your point about being negatif, no worries, fair enough.

thanks. Sorry I reacted a bit harsh, but it just really helps to get an answer from the community if you’re nice, as all the users on this forum help each other in our (quite limited) free time. So - let’s start again on a positive note :wink:

here’s an example how to convert a vertical cross cubemap to fisheye format, with the cubemap top and the projection top.
vertcross_2_fisheye.toe (1.37 MB)
(as said on … be_Map_TOP, you can find more vertical cross example images on Paul Debevec’s site.

another cubemap example tox file is on the Cube Map wiki page

Also here’s an example with a full dome previz tool Inside Dome, to visualize your video’s in a 3d dome … 40&p=26971
In the last message of that thread are some great links how to create visuals for domes.

Also, check the fb group which can sometimes respond a bit faster.
(But Derivative support mainly answers on this forum only.)

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Thanks man!, amazing!
I was really trying to be funny here. But yes I do think that reading from a webpage and trying to apply in touch is not really working that well (even if there a lot of good info specially on Mat Regan’s) , at least for me.
But the Norway workshops YES, always easier to learn copying or messing around with an actual patch, that just clicks for me.
I tried beginner section to not offend anyone.
I’m not planning on learning the Python library by heart that is for sure! since this is an interface. But I am a bit short cutting toward visual production.
I need all this for work, I do installations for clubs and I can use that in 3 weeks from now in a festival thanks to you! 10m wide dome. not planning something too crazy, one large projector and few with different projections for bottom part.

This forum is really useful and I hope I will soon be able to bring a contribution.
I can imagine that many people think its plug ad play as you said, but not at all.
but perseverance will see me through! thx again.

Now i can try to find out why my deformation was wrong, looks like I did the same as you but mine doesn’t work somehow. maybe bug who knows!

More complex than I though you are right! I do understand much better now!
I was hoping I could manage something with my 12 mm lens or go pro going through filter somehow. but no way of avoiding this jagged edges imperfections, even that will probably do for now, I will play abstract stuff.

I did finally find the proper way to make 360 video after a bit of research.
It requires 7 go pros, so I was miles away.

waw that glsl patch is extreemly cool, maybe 4 gopros would do the trick!

Hello All,

Thank you for the information so far. Could anyone advise me on how to get an Equirectangular video into a fisheye format for 180 viewing on an upright halfdome?

The part I can’t figure out is how to effectively get the equirectangular video onto a cube map or use some other GLSL shader technique.

Thank you in advance!