Filterable chopviewerCOMP

I’ve always had a problem with how chops get displayed in opviewerCOMPs… There isn’t really a good way to create a floating draggable chop reference palette with lots of channels that is scaled to be viewable since chops can’t be given a viewer resolution, and an opviewer doesn’t let you set the cell size of the chop… it will always be the number of channels set to fill, and the text size doesn’t scale with a middle mouse zoom which makes channel names difficult to read when there are a lot of them. this gets even worse working on a 4k display

What I’d really love is a chopviewerCOMP, with a fuzzy filter that accepts pattern matching to filter for the channels you want to see rendered at a user definable scale with vertical scrolling, while still passing all the channels (unlike building this with a selectCHOP) and maintaining the optimization of a straight chop to display values. Could this be a thing?