Filtering MIDI Note off issues

Hi there,
MIDI In CHOP is wonderful.
Selecting Channels we want, renaming further etc.

BUT, I have a TD newbie issue: I’d like to filter note off.
Natively, if I track the midi note pitch 36 from channel one, Midi In CHOP gives me a channel name ch1n36 with a value 1 when the note has been played until the Midi Note Off when it gives me 0.

I’d like to track the transition between 0 and 1 (which would gives me a pulse, I mean a fast 0 to 1 then back to 0)

Logic seems ok for that.
But I can’t get it. I guess I need a combination of logic and something else.

When I set Convert Input to On When Value Changed, it gives me that pulse for note on, and note off, as expected. But it doesn’t do my thing.

Answering myself for reference purpose:
Channel Pre OP has to be set to Rising Edge… (obviously)

triggerCHOP is a robust version of this sort of thing too