Filtering of Realsense D455 pointcloud output not possible

It seems like there is no way of getting a filtered point cloud output from the Realsense TOP using a Realsense D455 on Windows 10 Pro, TD build 2021.13610.

When setting the output of the TOP to point cloud the filter tab is disabled.

In this thread I was advised to try adding another Realsense TOP outputting depth, as that might affect the point cloud output. I have tried depth, raw depth & depth aligned to color, but the filter settings in these TOPs does not affect the output of the point cloud TOP.

On Discord, I heard that had experienced that settings made in RealsenseViewer for the L515 would persist when opening TouchDesigner. I have tested this, but it is not the case for the D455.

I am not sure, but it could be related to this: Realsense TOP: Pointcloud filter not working with ColorToDepth

Yes the same thing happened on 435i and L515. You’d have to change the point cloud to depth and enable filtration then switch back to point cloud. The realsense TOP is not very stable as I’m getting mich better results in the Realsense Viewer with the same setup

Thank you for this tip!
Doing this actually seems to apply the filtering to the point cloud output, but the practical effect is quite limited. Similar to what you report, I also experience that using the post-processing options in the Realsense Viewer produces far better results than what I am able to achieve in Touchdesigner.

Well you can certainly play around with Limit TOP and Level TOP to smooth it using step.