Find closest vertices and link them with a edge

Hi there,

A set of vertices (I’d say more: points, as this could be a structure which is not a mesh, just a set of points)

I used a lot of octree or things like that in Openframeworks at some point for checking distances and draw lines for points closest than a range.

What could be the strategy here?
I mean… at each level, where would you do this ?

I can imagine getting that set of dots as a point file converted into an EXR, with many layers and x, y ,z, normals etc.

I’d have to do a global calculations and draw lines or not between dots.

I’m interested by a global view for this kind of problem to solve
It could also gives me ideas about how to calculate densities of points around the camera (which is probably very costing calculation wise and that could probably be pre calculated), as it would be the way to do calculation over points in TD, globally.