Firmata - Connecting pushbutton as input

Hello all,

I am in the process of connecting my one pushbutton to my Arduino via firmata. Unfortunately I can’t select the checkbox “Report Digital Pins” because it is greyed out. My question is therefore why this is grayed out. Here is another screenshot of my problem.

I would be very happy about a solution suggestion! :slight_smile:

Many greetings

I just tried it again with my Mac instead of my Windows PC but without success :frowning:

Ok, I have found a solution to my problem, which I would like to post here in case anyone else has the same problem. Apparently it is related to the latest version of the firmatas tool in Touchdesigner. I have now tried it with a slightly “older” version from 2021 and it worked without any problems…

I would have liked to upload the tox here but unfortunately new users can not upload files. If I am unlocked I will upload the tox with pleasure.