Firmata - Connecting pushbutton as input

Hello all,

I am in the process of connecting my one pushbutton to my Arduino via firmata. Unfortunately I can’t select the checkbox “Report Digital Pins” because it is greyed out. My question is therefore why this is grayed out. Here is another screenshot of my problem.

I would be very happy about a solution suggestion! :slight_smile:

Many greetings

I just tried it again with my Mac instead of my Windows PC but without success :frowning:

Ok, I have found a solution to my problem, which I would like to post here in case anyone else has the same problem. Apparently it is related to the latest version of the firmatas tool in Touchdesigner. I have now tried it with a slightly “older” version from 2021 and it worked without any problems…

I would have liked to upload the tox here but unfortunately new users can not upload files. If I am unlocked I will upload the tox with pleasure.

Hi there! I’m having the exact same problem and wondered if you wouldn’t mind sending me the tox file that worked for you? I’m u/hellmoneywarriors on Reddit, @scablands on insta. Maybe you could link to it or dropbox it? Not having access to the digital pins as inputs is driving me nuts.

Hi @scablands,

I’m assuming you are on the latest Official release (2022.35320)?

The reporting for digital ports and analog pins can be enabled individually via the “Pin Values” parameter page of the firmata component.

The greyed out parameters to enable reporting for all ports/pins are functional and can be enabled by using the Component Editor and toggling the enabled for “Reportdigital” and/or “Reportanalog”

I can’t fully recall why the decision was made to disable these 2 parameters but I feel like enabling reporting per port and pin is a cleaner solution.