Firmata Pin Values reset on input

I’m using an Arduino with Firmata firmware and a Seeed Grove kit in TD. All is configured and working fine, except when I try to use a simple setup where I connect a button as input (1 Bit) and a led as output (1 Bit). I configured the value of the led pin to be equal to the value of the button.
This works when I connect the button to pin 2-7 and the led to pin 8-13, or the other way around.

But if I connect both to pin 2-7 or pin 8-13 the Pin Values of the set of pins are not retained but reset.
Took me a while to figure this one out, but even without a led, when I set all the Output Pin Values from pin 2-7 or 8-13 to ‘On’ and I press the button I connected to one of the pins I set to input (1Bit) in that range, all Output Pin Values are reset an not retained.
It seems like a byte of values is not read from the TD interface before it reacts to input and it just sets all the Pin Values to ‘Off’.

Trying to debug the Python code in the Firmata.tox in TD but I hope someone can help met with a bug fix.

Hi @baronorama,

sorry for the delay in answering. Are you using the latest official TouchDesigner and the board is a Arduino UNO with Standard Firmata loaded?


Hi @snaut,

Thanks for the reply.

I use Windows 10 and installed StandardFirmata (last update August 17th, 2017) included in Arduino IDE 1.8.19 on a Arduino UNO from Genuino with a Grove shield.
The official version of TouchDesigner 099 I use is the 64-Bit Build 2021.16410.

It all works fine until I try the scenario as described.