FIXED: [2000.22080] Placing component with parexecute inside via placeOPs destroys refference

When using the placeOPs method to move a component which has a parexecute inside refferencing the parent (via … and parent() ), the parexecute will no longer execute after the placement. Bypassing, Disabling etc does not resolve the issue, only cutting and pasting it or the parent again brings it back to working.
I switched back to the old fashioned parCHOP with chopExecute, which works fine.

Post a small network illustrating this?

Ah, my bad. Here we go:
placeopfrefference.toe (4.4 KB)

The two pars of exampleBASE wil spawn a messageBox. When pressing the button it initiates the placeOPs method. After placing the exampleCOMP the Par Execute par will no longer spawn a message box until its cut and pasted again.

Thanks, this is the same issue as previously reported.
It will be fixed in builds 2020.24760+ and later.