[FIXED][2000.22080]Privacy blocks Dropped Operator

Resolved: Al right, it seems logical the way it is behaving. The Problem right now is, that the dragging component is prohibited to be dragged outside as long as the privacy is set to true.
In this case, it would be great if there would be a way to define excemptions from the complte blocking for single parts of the component.

Super weird situation. So, inside a containerCOMP pointing to a template baseCOMP sitting in a disabled baseCOMP called quite.

I can now drag my containerCOMP and it will easily drop the template inside of quiet to the destination.

The problem occurs when I add privacy to that Container holding the quiet baseCOMP. I now cannot drop the component. The only solution is to disable the privacy temporarily.

drag_n_drop_private.tox (950 Bytes) drag_n_drop_public.tox (518 Bytes)

Password for the private component is test

Thanks for the example, we’ll have a look.

So in this case, it’s permissible to allow the private operators to be dragged out, as they were specified inside the private component.

This fix will be in builds 2020.24810 and later.

Thanks for the example.

Awsome, thanks alot!