FIXED: 2019.18300: Temporary files in external editor issue

Hi there,

In the latest version (2019.18300) on windows 10, it seems that when opening a DAT in an external editor, its only possible to save once…
After saving, the temporary file seems to be disappeared and the file needs to be reopened again to save another time.

Hope its clear what I mean, if not let me know :slight_smile:


Could you tell us what editor you are using?

Sublime text v3.2.1

Thanks so much Tim! We saw something like this last week when testing the new ‘Sync to File’ toggle on the Text DAT, but thought we had fixed it and the issue was solved. Your case with Sublime checked out, and since this would be a very annoying issue for programmers to deal with, we just uploaded a hotfix in build 2019.18360.

Thanks for your patience!

wow great ben! You guys are amazingly fast :smiley:

thank you!

It seems that using VSCode (my version is 1.36.1) in 2019.18360 still has the same problem, but there is no problem in Notepad++ (I only tested it with these two editors)

Thanks, we’ll check out VScode.

Just tried 9th August build 18360 and I had no issues saving multiple times. Can you check your temp directory (likely C:/TEMP/touchtmp) and see if the file that is loaded is still there? 18360 doesn’t clean up temporary editing files till TouchDesigner close so the file should still be there.

I seem to have found the reason. It works fine with the newly created text DAT of 18360, but it would be a problem if you open the toe created by an older version and try to edit the text DAT with a specific external text editor(Copying the text DAT created by the old version will also have problems).
The solution is [right click on > change DAT type > Text] (if have already opened the external editor, may have to restart TD)
(I used to find the same problem on the some OP with new features)

textDAT.toe (3.89 KB)

Thanks for the report of the issues, and your patience while we sort this out. These bugs should be fixed in 2019.18500 or later, and we’ll get an Official out asap after the summit.

Can confirm that I encounter a lot of problems with external files loaded in DATs with the last build when editing in VS Code.

What I noticed is that even with the Sync To File activated, each time you save in VS Code, you should Force Cook the Text DAT loading the file. Then save your TOE. If you save your TOE before force cook, then it will overwrite the file that was just edited in VS Code. It defeats the purpose.

I noticed a few other inconsistencies with external files since the last build, I will post again if I can figure out very specific cases.

Thank you for your time and work @ TD team.


Thanks for the report and your patience. This bug is fixed in 2019.18500+ and we’ll be posting a new official soon.