FIXED: 2019.19160 Win 10 - c++ TOP (cuda) plugin - topInput->pixelFormat not refreshing?


in the execute() function I’m checking for the input format and display an error if different than expected, however it seems once the error has been displayed, even with the correct input format the only way to get rid of the error is to unload and reload the plugin.

This plugin :

Code in CudaSortTOP.cpp

	if (topInput->pixelFormat != GL_RGBA16F && topInput->pixelFormat != GL_RGBA32F) {
		myError = "Input Texture must be 16-bit float (RGBA) or 32-bit float (RGBA).";

See this video :
(created with included sample Toe)

Let me know if you can reproduce, thank you!

Just guessing, what happens if you set myError to null at the top of the execute function?

Hey David,

Good call, that did the trick! I thought it was reset every loop but I guess not.
Would be nice to have it with a comment in the c++ samples.

Thanks for the report. The examples will reset myError in the next builds we post.

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Hello! Been wanting to use this c++ but can’t find CudaSortTop.dll file on the repository. Maybe you can link it, thanks!

It’s in one of the release zips