FIXED: 2020.20020 Win 10 - TD locks up when field is pressed right before being disabled

It’s a little weird and probably not that common, but I realized that if you accidentally click a field that is in the process of being disabled you lose the ability to interact with the interface. Clicking with the mouse or the keyboard does not work.

The video shows me hitting delete on the name entry and quickly clicking the mouse over the value entry which by then gets disabled.

I thought td froze, but you actually can hit tab or shift tab to get out of it. Weird. No idea why I did this in the first place…

Hi @TimFranklin,

thanks for reporting this. Until we fix it, the Tab Key will actually get you back to the Name Parameter and out of this state by filling in a name again.


This should be fixed in builds 2020.23690 or later. Thanks for the report!